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As a sole-practitioner, when you contact my office, you will contact myself directly. I am committed to providing professional and timely responses.

As a Chartered Professional Accountant, who has been working in public practice for greater than 8 years, you will receive the utmost professional tax advise and financial reporting services according to the Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises, and Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Florida Proulx

My Affiliations

CPA Member
CGA of Alberta

Our Client industries

  • Roof & Home Inspections
  • Logging Trucker - Long-haul Truck Driving
  • Safety Services - Pressure Testing Services to Oil & Gas Industry
  • Communications Technology
  • Trades: Plumber, Welder
  • Nail Salon & Retail
  • Excavation and grading work - Bobcat & Hoe Services
  • Specified Investment Businesses
  • Not-for-Profits and Charities
  • Equipment Rental Services
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Automotive Mechanical Services

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